The list below includes tributes made
from April 09 to January 22 2010
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Honor friends, family members or pets while also making life a little easier for a stray or abandoned animal. 

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Last Name

First Name
A Tribute to friend, family member or pet:
Ameling Rudolf Dr. Anne Golseth
Basial John  Wedding of Michael & Tina Basial
Bertram Stacie Peggy & Doug Mahon
Crary Kathlee Birthday of Donna Williams
Crary Kathlee Happy Birthday to Carol Schwenn
Di Clemente Claudia Suzanne Ring
Dicke Charles Leigh Engel Birthday
Ebbesen Amy The Madsen Family
Edwards Mary Jane Bob Edwards
Freitas Mrs. Bill Patty, Hannah & Olivia Mcferrin
Fuchs Margaret Pegge Barcene Johnson
Greene Mary Thank You to Lauren Pena 
Greene Mary Thank you to Judy Bayless
Hancock Kimela 60th Wedding Anniversary for John & Rosemary Blake
Heiler Janice & Matthew Birthday of Joyce Pease
Hews Sara The Meier Family
Hinson Rick Nikki and Bandit
Hiser Tom and Liz Riley
James Cowan Happy Birthday to Leslie Martin
Johnson Catherine Wedding of Michael & Tina Basial
Joseph Rose L. and Richard Valerie Zukowski
Kinsey Kay Barbara Karg
Kirby Marian S. Rhonda Slade
Klabunde Peter and Mary Norm and Trina Oliver
Knox Patra  Polly Hilliard
Krupp Bonnie Vicki & John Scharer
Lawrence Ronald Wayne and Vona
Lozier Jill Kevin & Terry Kramer
Lozier Grace Kevin & Terry Kramer
Madsen Lois and David Catherine Jones
Matthews Susan B. Spencer Bahrenburg
Meier Claire Birthday of Sara Hews
Morgan Susan and Jerry Willie, Mo and Robert
Morgan Susan and Jerry Willie, Mo and Robert
Raymond Cynthia Bud Harrington
Rhodes Connie Wedding of Jon Akre & Sarah Gordon
Robbins John and Norma Todd Collier
Sajor Patricia Mary Evelyn Arnold
Sanders  Mary and Randall Thank You - Harriet Flanary
Steuck Margaret Mark Cihlar
Taggart Ashley Barbara Johnson
Tuffnell Jenny Dr. James Adams for care for their dog "Deede"
Wagner Virginia Chris Wagner
Waits Lisa Anne Golseth
Ward Stacey Mickey Vella
Watts Moira Clifford & Snooks
Wright Lorna Dr. Forsythe and Staff
Zwiener Susan Mary Pat Degagne

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